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** Motel prices and policies subject to change without notice. **

Silver Sands is a family-oriented motel. Please be on your best behavior considering the presence of small children. It is our desire to ensure your vacation is enjoyable and memorable. Please do not hesitate to contact the Office or any member on our staff if there is anything you need.


We do allow the consumption of Adult Beverages on our property, but in moderation. Please know "when to say when". We do not allow glass containers or bottles outside of the rooms. These restrictions include the pier, waterfront and patio/deck areas. The reason for this restriction is that many of our guests are barefoot throughout the day and night. It has been our experience that broken glass and bare feet do not pair well. This policy is strictly enforced. Any guest with a glass bottle or container will be asked to pour the beverage into a plastic cup or container or leave the property (without refund). Guest Safety is non-negotiable. We also require that Adult Beverages in cans be in a Koozie, or other nondescript container, when outside of the room. Koozies and souvenirs cups are available for purchase in the office. Being a family oriented motel, it is our policy to report any illegal or illicit activity on or around our premises to the local authorities.


If upon entering your room the accommodations are not satisfactory, you may immediately check out and receive a refund. We do reserve the right to fix or correct any objectionable item. If we can't remedy the situation to your satisfaction then a refund will be given. (We must be notified within 15 minutes of your entry to the room.)

All of our rooms are non-smoking rooms. This is necessary as some people are allergic, especially smaller children with asthma. Smoking is permitted anywhere outside of the room. Please be considerate of other guests and always use ashtrays, ashcans or trash cans for your wrappers and butts. It is our goal to keep Silver Sands and grounds as clean as humanly possible and your help in this end will be greatly appreciated. A $200.00 cleaning fee will be assessed to those that decide to smoke in the room, payable immediately upon discovery, plus removal from property without refund.

In order to guarantee your reservation, we require one night’s rent payable at the time your reservation is made. This can be accomplished over the phone with Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card. The payment will be deducted at the same time the reservation is made. We do not accept checks. The balance is due at time of check in by cash or credit card - sorry, no checks accepted at time of check in.

Payment made by cash or debit cards are subject to a $100.00 security deposit. This
deposit will be returned provided all keys have been turn in by checkout time and the
room has not been smoked in or otherwise damaged.

During the months of May thru September, we have a two night minimum for weekend reservations, and a 3 night minimum for holiday reservations (This is subject to change without notice). 1 night reservations on weekends or holidays (May thru September) can only be made on the day of, based on availability. In the off season (October thru April 1st), 1 night reservations are allowed.

All reservation refunds will incur a $10.00 or 10% service charge, whichever is greater.

If notice is given 7 (seven) days in advance of the reservation date, or if notice is given less than 7 (seven) days in advance and we are able to rent the room at the same rate, then a refund is allowed. If no notice is given, or if we can not rent the room for the same date, the payment is forfeited and will not be transferred to another reservation. We find this practice necessary as we are a seasonal motel and cannot afford to reserve rooms without the assurance of occupancy and/or revenue. If any Guest is required to leave the property due to inappropriate behavior, there will be no refund. Any extenuating circumstances will be given full consideration by Management for refunds when Guests have to leave early. Management’s decision is final.

Early checkouts for any reason other than eviction will incur the minimum of 10%, a $20.00 cleaning fee and other charges Management deems proper.

Check in starts at 2pm rooms guaranteed to be ready by 5pm

Early Check-in is available based on room availability at the price of $25.00 anytime before 12pm (noon)

Check-out time is 11 am.

Later Check-out times are available based on room availability. The charge for Late Check-out is $10 per hour. 2 hours ($20) minimum charge starting off!. We strive to have your room ready by 2 pm. However, on mass Check-Out days (typically Sundays) we occasionally find it difficult to properly clean and prepare all rooms by 2 pm. We trust you will agree it is better to have your room properly cleaned than to occupy a room that is not ready. Guests that arrive prior to their room being available are given the opportunity to change into their swimsuits, and enjoy the waterfront while the room is being completed.

The motel offers two buoys for our customers. These buoys are available on a first-come first-serve basis or can be reserved at $15 a night. We do have room available, on the property, for your watercraft trailer. We do not allow boats or jet-skis to dock or tie-off to our pier. This is for the safety of our Guests and is non-negotiable. Loading and unloading is allowed from the pier but the boat must not be left unsupervised to prevent small children from being injured if caught between the boat and the pier. Please do not tie your boat to any pier.


All rooms are pet-friendly! (30lbs maximum weight of pet)

Sorry - no puppies less than 9 months old. Pets must be housebroken, puppies are not, no matter how cute they may be.

Unfortunately, our insurance will not allow any breed with known aggressive tendencies (Pits, Bulldogs, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Chow, Boxers, etc).

We require that pets are kept on a leash when outside of the room and in a kennel when inside of the room unsupervised. If your pet displays any signs of aggressive behavior, the pet will be confined to the room or you will be required to leave the property (no refund). If your pet is barking excessively, at the inconvenience of other guests, you will be asked to remove the pet or vacate the property (no refund). You are required to clean up after your pet, from the water to the road. Failure to do so will result in your removal from the property. We request you walk your pet between the parking lot and the fence, not in the courtyard or beach (no pets on the beach - children play in that sand!). Any property damages done by the pet will be charged to the registered occupant.



Silver Sands is the only motel located in a residential neighborhood at White Lake. This means we can offer more peace and quiet to our Guests. However, our location requires we limit the number of vehicles in the main motel parking area to one car per room. There is room to park on the property, for a second vehicle, but not in front of the main motel (during full occupancy). Parking passes are given to Registered Guests to put in their windshield or on their mirror. Guests that bring more than 2 vehicles per room, may have to park the additional vehicles across the road.

5 MPH maximum speed strictly enforced (children are playing and may jump out from behind parked cars).

Golf Carts
Guests bringing a golf cart, whether personally owned or rented, will incur a $10.00 per day fee subject to a  maximum of $50.00 per week. All carts must be street legal, insured, and operated only by licensed drivers. No joy riding allowed up and down the driveway. We treat golf carts the same as motor vehicles. They must have a parking pass and only park in spaces designated for parking.

During peak season, normal office hours are 9AM to 10PM, 7 days a week. After hours assistance is available, but you may need to call the office to wake us up! During the slow season, we may have someone in the office, we may not. Please call ahead first during the off season to make a reservation so we will be sure to have someone on the property when you arrive.

11PM to 8AM are "quiet hours" at Silver Sands. We require that all conversations, TV's, radio's etc. be turned to low volume so that guests who desire sleep get a good night's rest.

There is no lifeguard on duty. Please swim at own risk. Silver Sands Vacations LLC, Silver Sands Motel, their owners, operators, and employees, will not be held responsible for any accident, injury or loss while on the property, pier, or in the water. The waterfront and pier are open 24 hours a day for your enjoyment. Please obey all posted rules at the waterfront. Please do not litter.

It is our policy to clean the rooms before you check in and after you check out. We do not enter your room during your stay, unless required for maintenance or emergency. If you need fresh towels or linens, please bring your used towels/linens to the office and we will supply you with fresh items. For a nominal fee, housekeeping services can be provided. Housekeeping service includes wiped down surfaces, fresh  
towels and linens 

Please notify the desk at check-in.

We understand that sometimes our Registered Guests will have friends or family to visit them on our property. We do not have room for visitor vehicles in front of the main motel. On full occupancy days, visitors may have to park near the road or across the road. Visitors are required to report to the office upon arrival. The number of visitors that are allowed depends on the room capacity. At no time will we allow a room to be over 150% capacity. For example a room that sleep 4 people can’t have 3 visitors. Visitors that intend to swim or day visit over room capacity are required to pay a $10.00 per person fee. If a visitor is staying overnight the fee is $20.00 per person.

This is necessary to insure that rooms are not overcrowded, creating a fire hazard or a nuisance to other Registered Guests. Space is limited and we want to ensure those paying for our amenities get their full value.

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